Ranch Photos  May 2004 - October 2006

Aerial view of the ranch looking north

Map of area in aerial photo at left - 1 mile square

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Along Southern border looking north, about 1/3 mile from West border.

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Flowers in the rimrock

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From East most peak near North border looking Southwest across unpaved county road and main meadow.
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Todd describing pottery shards
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Cat's head growing out of rock formation about 50 foot high. Location along Southern border about 1/3 from West border.
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From East most peak near North border looking Northeast to neighboring ranch. North border fence is in meadow, almost at East end. Corner of ranch is behind foreground tree.
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From highway looking East across main meadow.

 From peak on center of Western border looking East. Highway is behind trees in mid foreground
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Similar to photo at left but taken from a lower position on the hill and a little to the right of it.
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South border fence near West end, looking East, ranch is on left side of fence.
DSC03890.JPG (181621 bytes)
Same as left but farther East about 1/8 mile.
DSC03891.JPG (160628 bytes)
Same as left but farther East again, near cats head rock.
DSC03897.JPG (120850 bytes)
From South border rimrock looking Southwest towards lower valleys.
DSC03923.JPG (142955 bytes)
Deer behind Todd's ranch house, in valley in distance of photo at left.
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From highway looking Northeast
DSC03918.JPG (149375 bytes)
From East most peak near Northern border looking Southwest. The highway turns down to Todd's valley and ranch just behind his hat.
DSC03916.JPG (129262 bytes)
From side of East most peak near Northern border looking East to neighboring ranches. East border fence for ranch is at far edge of meadow.
DSC03921.JPG (186130 bytes)
From below East most peak near Northern border looking Southeast
DSC03868.JPG (128342 bytes)
Oil well and gas pipeline near highway at Southwest end of large meadow, looking Northeast
DSC03870.JPG (125483 bytes)
Water well and electric pole at northern edge of meadow about 1/4 mile from Eastern border, looking Southeast across unpaved East-West county road
DSC03893.JPG (192083 bytes)
Todd in rimrock with round stones, along South border about 1/3 mile from West border, looking north
DSC03882.JPG (96179 bytes)
From highway as it crosses Divide, Southwest edge of meadow looking East-Northeast. Road to well at right and a Memorial to local resident at left. Marked 7552' on map.
DSC03885.JPG (156331 bytes)
Reverse view from memorial across highway looking Southwest down highway towards lower valleys
DSC03875.JPG (223885 bytes)
From hill near Southeast corner, looking West-Northwest to Northwestern rimrock peaks



Avion trailer in its regular spot near the north well

Winter camping on the ranch

Maintaining balance in New Mexico!

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